La Niña de Guatemala

In November 2019, Colectiva Las Niñas de Guatemala was invited by Mujeres Transformando El Mundo (MTM) to El Estor, Izabal, to establish initial contact and document the first impressions of the women's groups with whom the project "Jornada de Expresión y Movimiento" would later be developed.

Through holistic workshops provided to the women's groups, a collaborative force emerged that aligned with MTM's political advocacy and legal struggle. The process yielded significant results, including a socio-political song and a music video titled "La Niña de Guatemala.", This artistic creation sheds light on the challenges faced by women in the country while striving for dignity, reparations, and access to justice.

This initiative took shape as an intergenerational meeting, bringing together the women of Sepur Sarco, Achi women, Ixil women, as well as their daughters and granddaughters. With the aim of empowering and healing, the project strengthened the participants' connection with their bodies and their inner selves through expression and movement, enabling them to emerge from the journey with renewed energy and dance.