At the intersection

of the Arts

and Politics

We are a collective that brings visibility to artists' contributions to society. Through their unique disciplines and methodological artistic proposals, we create opportunities for healing and learning processes within a collective framework.

Our beginnings

We work collectively in an integral artistic project where music, vibrations, sounds, nature, history, and the embodiment and wisdom of indigenous nations converge as vehicles to make a critical reality visible.

We focus on

Political Advocacy

We engage in co-creating political advocacy initiatives with organizations and grassroots groups.

Empowerment Workshops

We facilitate workshops for girls, young women, and women, focusing on empowerment.


We employ audiovisual processes to showcase and document our projects.

Collaborate with Us!

Our first project

La Niña de Guatemala

In November 2019, Colectiva Las Niñas de Guatemala was invited by Mujeres Transformando El Mundo (MTM) to El Estor, Izabal, to establish initial contact and document the first impressions of the women's groups with whom the project"Jornada de Expresión y Movimiento" would later be developed..

All of
Our Projects